As a realtor of 30 years plus I have been on the sidelines of clients who have contracted with estate sale companies and have been disappointed. But with The Estate Sale Group the reviews have been overwhelmingly consistent. From the first to the final steps it takes to put on a sale, The Estate Sale Group staff is extremely pleasant, efficient, and are all around easy to communicate with. That proven record is why I personally will use and continue to professionally recommend The Estate Sale Group.
Sherri Pratt, Realtor
Chattanooga, TN

It was a pleasure working with The Estate Sale Group on our recent sale. Your company made this transition easy for what could have been a very difficult one, and the results were tremendously successful. Please accept my sincere thanks to your staff for their part in our exceptionally well-executed sale. In my daily transactions, if I should find a family needing an estate sale service, The Estate Sale Group is whom I will recommend.
Martha Mears, Attorney
Maryville, TN