Now is the time! The decision has been made! Next step is as a provider, to put it all in perspective and help you start the journey to a transition. We will tailor the program that is right to meet your objectives and goals. We help you plan, make calls, line up resources, downsize, follow through with any donation and/or removal of unwanted possessions. We will manage and organize your sale to optimize both the financial and sentimental value of your possessions.

The Estate Sale Group is a company with years of experience who is qualified to give PEACE OF MIND through knowledgeable assistance in preparation of a life change or transition. Our mission statement is to always be the best that we can be exemplifying honesty, integrity and dependability with individuals, clients, customers, and ourselves.

First Steps for Owners to Know:

  1. "One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure" therefore we encourage you to please do not throw anything out!!!!! What might be trash to you could very well be of a greater value to a picker.
  2. Don't donate until you meet with us. In most every situation is pays to liquidate then donate. If a donation is needed we will make that donation for you and hand you the receipt for your tax records.
  3. One of the most important steps before we come on board is to identify and remove items from the sale that you and/or your immediate family may want to keep. It is important they are removed from the premises ensuring that our inventory matches what we actually will sell for you

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